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CBS newest original comedy 2 Broke Guys

CBS’s newest, absolutely never been done before, groundbreaking comedy is called 2 Broke Guys. The series chronicles two guys that come from different circumstances but are now hopelessly and comically impoverished. Matt Reynolds (Jason Biggs) and Terry Lopito (Frankie Muniz) work at a small town diner where they experience varying forms of hilarious harassment and perplexing workplace inequality. But they’ll stomach it all for the opportunity to pursue their dreams of opening up their very own Dave and Buster’s franchise.

On the road to realizing their lifelong dream there are friends made and lost, tragic family deaths, and zany schemes that could result in lengthy prison sentences! Comedy for any age and any walk of life! One episode involves Reynolds walking in on Lopito while he’s beating his meat, the hilarious awkwardness and complete debilitating vulnerability will be the talk of the office on Monday! Another episode documents Lopito struggling with the idea that he might be sterile and that his existence will be promptly forgotten after a sparsley attended funeral. Comedic genius! To cheer him up Reynolds farts in a patron’s clam chowder at the diner, causing the patron to pass out so they can steal tickets to an Alien Ant Farm cover band concert. Just two wacky dudes having fun on a budget!

Critics are calling the show “As  objectifying as 2 Broke Girls,” “Strangely depressing for a comedy” and “A huge step back for humanity as a whole,” so check out 2 Broke Guys on Sundays at 2:00 a.m.