One Tie All Tie

NBC launches This Is Us spinoff, This Is Us Too

No one could have anticipated humans feeling even a morsel of emotion derived from an NBC drama. But This Is Us has proved to everyone that it’s ok to cry at network television shows that aren’t an American occult detective police procedural drama like Grimm. Because of the success, NBC has decided to launch This Is Us too, to give another poignant look at the human condition.

This Is Us Too, examines two obese, inbred and racist ostrich farmers who have set up a breeding pit next to a retention pond, outside of a strip mall in Elkhart Indiana. To supplement their income, they film unsanctioned Avatar prequels and install glory holes in varying casual dining chains. Their lives have been joyful up to this point as most nights conclude with doing biker speed until their hearts give and they fall into a peaceful slumber.

But that all changes when, due to the unspeakable pollution, one ostrich becomes self-aware and is mandated by the Indiana state government to attend school. Be overcome with sadness as Jessica Simpson starring as Gladys Lapadat and Spencer Pratt starring as Boyd Lapadat struggle with the complex emotional baggage that accompanies raising an ostrich with human intelligence.

And…be filled with hope…In the role of a lifetime…Daniel Day Lewis starring as Henry Lapadat, the ostrich with a heart of gold. Watch as Henry learns tolerance and acceptance from the people his parents taught him to hate, all while never speaking a word. Will an ostrich functioning as a human inspire his parents to change? Or will the hate that has consumed them draw them further apart? Does the ostrich crapping on kids desks and biting teachers actually have elevated intelligence? Find out on Sundays at 4:00 a.m. after reruns of Jerhico.