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CBS launches spinoff “God Unfriended Me”

A lot can change when an omnipotent being friends you within a social media application, but not all friends are created equal, and sometimes…God is a vengeful and ruthless bastard who is comparable to an intolerant elderly man drunk on fortified wine.

Regrettably coming this fall to CBS…God Unfriended Me.

What is being described as Kevin Can Wait with vague and grossly misinformed religious undertones, God Unfriended Me is effectively a sequel which shows the souring social media relationship between Miles Finer and God. You’ll laugh when Finer accidentally sends a gonzo dick pic to the Lord Almighty and cry when God admits he’s alt-right and has become suspicious that Finer is a shape shifting reptilian overlord sent to spy on heaven.

Watch as Finer quietly judges God as he likes a Blue Lives Matter post and God suffers in silence as Finer relentlessly posts idiotic life updates which he perceives as incredible but actually make his life look fairly depressing. And of course the final straw, when Finer begins begging God to buy a juice cleanse/diet pill combo from him so that he can maintain Triple Platinum level at the pyramid scheme he got tricked into joining.

Critics are calling the show “irresponsible,” and “a glimpse of what God would be like if he was an alcoholic, alt-right shithead for the few people who are into that kind of thing,” So watch God Unfriended Me, Tuesdays at 3:00 AM after I’m a Simon Cowell Doppelganger.