About diewiththemostlikes.

diewiththemostlikes is an Indiana based artist and author driven by the same crippling monotony experienced while watching a piss soaked snow mound melt into the pavement at a strip mall parking lot in Northern Indiana. His work was featured in the first ever digital art exhibition at DART in Milan, the Decentralized Art Pavilion at Venice Biennale and Times Square for the Armory Show. He also birthed the first ever fully fuckable flea market at the Glitch Gallery in Marfa Texas. He has five books across three international publishers. he is the lips and buttholes of a generation.

Digital Art

Beef Brothko
MOCA Solo Show
Negotiations with the Abyss
County Fair Flea Market


Very! Shitty! Job! (Orbis Tertius)
Sparsely Attended Funerals (Close to the Bone)

PowerPoint Eulogy (Fly on the Wall Poetry Press)
An Eye for an Eye and Your Other Eye and the Rest of Your Family
Until No Crevice Remained (Orbis Tertius)


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Expanded Art

Online Works

We never shit (Rejection Letters)

Katsucon 2055 (Misery Tourism)

Cracker Barrel Euthanasia (Misery Tourism)

Peloton Eternal (tragickal)

Asphyxiation Salvation (Misery Tourism)

Fuckable Wax Museum (Bear Creek Gazette)

Bleeding Broth (Badlung Press)

Art Feature: Rituals (Burning Jade)

Art Feature: Ground Beef (Taco Bell Quarterly)

Art Feature: Descent (Burning House)

Art Feature: Eternal (Feral Poetry)

Twitter: Toadswiback