One Tie All Tie

Making a difference: This person just posted the words “one love” on Facebook

Hammond, IN-In a divine act of sacrifice and bravery, a Facebook user posted the words “one love,” to his group of likeminded friends. The post came just days or weeks or months after some type of undetermined, infuriating or inspirational occurrence and was a catalyst for a socio-political movement which culminated in several sympathy likes before being mercifully forgotten.

“I saw a Lumineers cover band last night and it just inspired me to…I guess make change happen,” said Terry Kibby, his sagging, pear shaped body being held up only by the undying spirit of an insipid social media post. The post landed limply between an All Bird and Untuckit ad and even inspired one friend to get up and take a malnourished dump.

“I’ve proved that with a vague enough message, with no clear intent or endorsement, it’s possible to garner mild attention from a group of people who already share the same ideals as you, if that’s not heroic, I’m not sure what is” continued Kibby adjusting his skid marked underwear.

Everyone should take note of what Kibby has done here, for he is the salvation of mankind.