Girl at party breaking ice with questions relating to professional development and career goals

Chicago, IL-On Saturday, a girl was seen attempting to infiltrate various lively conversations at a local house party by waiting for a momentary pause in banter and asking “So…what does everyone do!?” The question was accompanied by an aggressive pointing motion toward one unfortunate soul in the circle, signifying that it was their respective turn to stammer through an explanation of a job they hate, to a group of indifferent onlookers.

The process unfolded in a predictably excruciating way, as each job description grew more ordinary than the next. A culmination of individuals wholly uninspired for at least forty hours a week. A complex web of personality and emotion distilled into a characterless corporate identity.

Several people suffered through their freshly poured drink as quickly as possible, desperate for a retreat to the kitchen where they could pound shots of vodka in solitude, others took this as the perfect opportunity to dust off their long forgotten smoking habit. Anything to escape the wrath at hand.

“I just try to engage everyone, I’m just a really engaging person…like when I’m at a party I can literally talk to anyone! I’m legit friends with like everyone that went to that party now…” said Sarah Kibby, meticulously adding party goers to her LinkedIn professional network, the only true testament of a real friendship.

The party ended uncannily early.


Title: March 3, 2013
Artist: Lil Flip
Album: My Birthday 32
Rating: 4.4/5.0

I hadn’t heard anything from Lil Flip in well over a decade, and  given the sketchiness of the cover art and the title of the mixtape I was hesitant to believe it was an official release. It looks like something that would get spray painted onto a tall-t  outside of Gadzooks in University Park Mall. It is in fact Flip though and though the album itself is generously mediocre, one song stands out.

The song March 3, 2013 is relentlessly Houston, it lives, breaths and embodies the throwback H-Town style that Chamillionaire and Paul Wall channeled in Get Ya Mind Correct. (back when both were damn solid rappers) A staunchly airy song, jovial and seemingly untouched by time, would have undoubtedly made it big in the late 90’s early 2000’s. This song is a breath of fresh air, utterly unfocused and disorderly, no real adherence to any brand or topic of rhyme. It demands shoulder shrugging and other drony, catatonic club dances. The completely inaudible chorus strangely beckons the listener into a hazy appeasement and bids you to reach for the nearest solo cup and promptly nourish yourself. I will be playing this relentlessly come spring/summer.

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