Sol Invictus

Artist: Bolo Nef
Album: Sol Invictus
Rating: 4.6/5.0

Sol Invictus is a pharmaceutical vortex of beats and feelings. The meditative tones carefully cradle introverted, spiritual and resolutely desolate lyrics. These are the sounds playing as an ancient Samurai bladesmith crafts a flawless and honorable sword. Rhythmically folding and pounding the white hot Tamahagane, shrouded, inhaling and exhaling an undetermined murky haze. Or an astronaut wandering thoughtfully and aimlessly on a sandy dune in a vacant desert planet several galaxies away. An album made for the past, and the future, and no time in particular.


Bars & Bullets

Album: Bars & Bullets
Artist: UDF
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Bars & Bullets lumbers into your ears like the deliberately sluggish, measured, near vomit inducing pace of a Xanax drip. The saliva taunting and mocking your uvula, as you desperately gasp for some type of relief…there exists none. You lie in bed listening to the violent, irregular, heart rattle…the pressure in your chest is beginning to get concerning. The moisture pooling beneath is indistinguishable.

The emotionless and distant delivery of lyrics dripping with violence and drugs over immensely deprived empty sounding beats is eerie as fuck, and perfect. It’s an uncanny sound riddled with drug induced paranoia. It transforms the most trustworthy situation into something suspicious and mistrusting. The best of friends into weary strangers. Those are difficult feelings to evoke and the UDF crew does it wonderfully. Gothic Goon is beyond mean.