One Tie All Tie

Chun Li

Title: Chun-Li
Artist: Wale
Album: Folarin
Rating: 4.5/5

Remember how infuriating it was when someone picked Chun-Li in Street Fighter II for SNES? How many controllers passed away and how many lasting friendships lied in rubble after her signature “Lighting Kick” wore out that always volatile 6th grade patience and you couldn’t help but to walk right into it’s hypnotizing glow.


I’ve had a pretty arduous and complex relationship with the Street Fighter franchise over the years. The peak of it had to be the absolutely ideal casting and acting done by Raul Julia as M. Bison in Street Fighter The Movie, couldn’t have asked for a better M. Bison. Following this masterpiece film that the  world embraced (remember when Blanka turned good? ) was The Legend of Chun Li…for lack of a better word was a complete and utter white dog turd. (Though was probably still more entertaining than then a Panda Bear or Animal Collective Live Show).

This brings me to the revival of the Street Fighter Franchise in song Form.

The flow is absolutely incredible on this track and the Chun-Li sample is just subtle enough that it’s not overbearing but still arouses that warm feeling of nostalgia. You think WALE absolutely murders the first verse but the true treat is Nipsey Hussles unrivaled swag in the second verse. I’m not arguing the profundity of his rhymes, their overall plagued with a lovable simplicity, and the delivery is filled to the brim with some Balrog swagger. Absolutely ideal for cruising around, tying one on, working out or really anything, seems like it would be awesome for a slow-motion BBQ party scene.

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