One Tie All Tie

Summer cont’d

Song: Overloaded
Artist: Lil Kids
Rating: 4.4/5.0

Overloaded radiates everything summer. It has been marinated in cookouts, sunburns, snap backs, and oil framed sunglasses. It is fall off the bone summer. The combination of apparent retro distortion layered on a psychedelic melting sample are the primary contributing factors to this engulfing seasonal feeling. It pulls the listener into a state of unthinking and a descent into complete slacker-ism.

It reminds us of that fuck-all summer job, where you could arrive as hungover as you wanted and your biggest concern was deciding which member’s brand new clubs you were going to hit balls at the driving range once the course shut down. Where your teenage recklessness thrived and nothing you did had any real bearing on any future circumstance.

Sit back and take in this little piece of summer: