One Tie All Tie

Olive Garden

Artist: Wale
Album: The Gifted
Rating: 2.8/5.0
Download: iTunes

The Gifted is the definition of a plodder. A cardboard vessel of alright music. It is what my vision of a double date at Olive Garden might consist of. The consumption of a respectably tasting, mediocrely executed Italian food…some items tasting slightly better than others. (Breadsticks or perhaps you were fortunate enough to catch a good batch of eggplant parmesan) You enjoy a $4 glass or two of  red wine accompanied by enjoyable but forgettable conversation, and ending the evening on a rather reasonable bill.  Awakening the next morning to an empty stomach, garlic breath and given its normalcy only a vague memory of what you actually did the evening prior.

I started the album and finished the album not knowing the song had ever changed, sure Wale’s flow is still there as it was in previous mixtapes but a special album requires something outstanding. A rap album should not be suitable for an elevator ride. So though there are no real objections to the album it lies in that weird area of wonderfully unremarkable. If this were a free mixtape the review would read entirely different, I can’t with good heart recommend you spend $12 on this.

Below was one song that I found separated itself from the others: