One Tie All Tie

No Role Models

Artist: The Concept & The Remot
Album: No Role Models
Song: Transformers (No Lies)
Rating: 4.5/5.0

The lyrics to Transformers (No Lies) were likely scribed in chalk…on scalding grade school asphalt, underneath the shadow of the basketball hoop and directly adjacent to the window of scorned/feared second grade teacher Ms. Bykowski.  (I maintain confidence that she is eternally Ms. as her perpetual hatred of all things and love of fire and brimstone preaching would likely be a deterrent to any perspective gentlemen callers.) I want to play this in a Discman with the coveted 45 seconds anti-skip that still to this day makes no sense.

Transformers (No Lies) beautiful devotion to vintage flows and beat really propels the listener back to simpler times. The Remot layers the horns and bass, both beating methodically, the steady drawl absorbing and compelling. The Concept capers across seamlessly, with complex and engaging rhymes, delivery impeccable.

The minutes on your work computer clock are eerily similar to the hands of the dust ridden standard issued classroom clock. Both dictating a dismissal…to  a similar but different recess. That stubborn tick. The concentration of your gaze causes appears to have a slowing effect but diverting is impossible.

Listen Transformers, you feel the familiar abrasions of the best basketball on the playground,  an escape from the fluorescent and a satisfying, worthwhile skinned knee.