One Tie All Tie


Artist: Ray Lewis and Pharrell
Album: Natural Born Hitters
Rating: 0.0/5.0
Download: Fuck No, I will not provide the link

Natural Born Hitters makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Though it pales in comparison to watching a grown man uncontrollably weep after every football game regardless of outcome or watching an inspirational/cryptic speech to confused team members that demands they; give it their all, have no fear, fear God, don’t fear God, love God, take one shot, climb the mountain of truth, climb down from the mountain and enter God, stab, be thirsty (but drink from the fountain of truth and effort), be hungry (while consuming the lamb of God). Easy enough to distinguish and digest through hysterical crying bouts. I didn’t realize watching someone cry could actually suppress pity. Natural Born Hitters is still uniquely and incredibly awful though. It actually doesn’t qualify as music at all.

It will leave your boxers skidded worse than a Long John Silver’s run made in the first 10 minutes of a three hour road trip in mid-August. You don’t own that food, you only borrow it for a brief time. The ravings of a complete wimpering lunatic being pile-drived into your ears creates an identical feeling of both panic, urgency, squirminess and disgust.

Under no circumstance should you download this mixtape.