One Tie All Tie

Washed Out Live

Artist: Washed Out
Venue: Metro
Date: Sept. 13, 2013
Rating: 5.0/5.0

An evening that included an abnormal potion of endless cod, truffle coffee beer, an ill-conceived disguise and incredible music proved a satisfying reminder as to why I love this city. I halfway expected Washed Out to distribute Sleep Number mattresses and aggressively soothe the crowd into a comfortable and pleasant slumber for the hour and twenty minute duration of their performance. There would undoubtedly be people free basing Sleepy Time Tea there in an attempt to expedite the already growing languor.

It was something entirely different however. There was an uncertainty to the evening. Especially after a confrontation with a surly bouncer left my friend and my tickets on the outside looking in. I promptly exited to find said friend changing shirts with another person in line…a sure fire way to appropriately mask your identity. The brilliance in the shirt swap camouflaging technique rivals that of the stick bug, Mrs. Doubtfire, or thick rimmed glasses with large nose and mustache. I lent him my hat for good measure to complete what was surely the most elaborate disguise of the last decade.

Happy as a clam, and clearly undetectable, he strolled back into the venue, at this point the rest of my party was talking to the disgruntled bouncer trying to get both of us in, he said that I was good…but the “asshole” he talked to earlier would not be permitted back in, as he said this a proud costumed being entered…it took the bouncer only a moment to see through the gleaming smile of said costumed friend, as he immediately and violently shoved him out of the venue. (This only lends to the rumor that Metro is hiring ex-Seals for bouncers as any normal bouncer would have likely been duped). I was then oddly let into the show after collecting my portions of the disguise; it was likely a technique in humiliation for our estranged friend.

The show itself was an incredible display. The stage wrapped warmly in Christmas lights was welcoming and not overbearing in any way. Every song seemed to eliminate the presence of anyone else in the venue. Just friends dancing seamlessly and carelessly for the most part being merry. Perhaps the most incredible part was the bands command over the crowd, every member radiating more happiness than the next, it was contagious and made me mildly jealous.