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La Croix officially discontinues production of bong water flavored sparkling drink

Mundelein, IL-The executives at Sundance Beverage Company have officially ceased production of bong water flavored La Croix. The short lived flavor was rolled out as a promotional drink at McDonald’s to accompany the start of McRib season and to function as the alleged perfect pairing to dislodge the rib shaped patty that will undoubtedly get stuck in the windpipes of American’s everywhere.

“This country has come a long way, we thought that, because people are as dumb as they’ve ever been and also drink coconut flavored La Croix, that we could add bong water essence and the cardboard palate of people everywhere would hail it as the second coming of coffee flavored Monster Energy and worship at its carbonated alter,” said Sundance Executive Bill Biscane, cracking into a test can of ground beef flavored La Croix.

Unfortunately American’s will have to go back to the old fashioned way of actually chugging the water straight from their bong to get that insatiable taste they desire.