Artist: Waka Flocka
Song: Whole Wide World
Album: Duflocka Rant: Halftime Show
Rating: 4.4/5.0
Free Download: http://www.datpiff.com/Waka-Flocka-DuFlocka-Rant-Halftime-Show-mixtape.484840.html

When listening to Waka Flocka I’m usually either grinding my teeth into used up crayon stubs or putting my head through a brick wall. You could imagine my surprise when I first heard Whole Wide World. A cheerful sample that didn’t pulverize my eardrums and a completely diffused Waka sounding downright festive.

It would be similar to attending the Titanic remastering and discovering Leo had been replaced by Nick Cage. (“I WANT TO TAKE THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP’S FACE…OFF”). Finding out that Dan Brown had penned Siddhartha, Tyler Perry was the visionary behind Shawshank Redemption, or Chad Kroeger had written Symphony No. 9 in D Minor. A lollipop curve. In the case of Whole Wide World it was a truly pleasant surprise.

The lyrics light heartedly shrug off anyone who has doubted or questions his talent, absent of the usual malice and aggression. The blissful sample is the perfect pairing for the lyrics and delivery. Enjoy and cop.


Title: Dope
Artist: Tyga
Album: Rich Gang All Stars
Rating: 4.0/5.0
Download: http://www.datpiff.com/Birdman-Rich-Gang-All-Stars-mixtape.455850.html

There are times when rapper Tyga seems like a complete dullard, barely able to wipe his own ass. A barely audible whistle is present as the wind and air pass into and through the depleted/devoid cavern that the brain would normally reside. There are other times however when he commands tracks with prodigious  flow and swagger. He’s harder to predict than a snap dragon curve ball at the Slugger’s batting cages after 12-14 grape bombs. Will it be a cookie over the plate or some chin music to dust you off the plate and embarrass you in front of leering and snarling frat house that is Sluggers.

He seems to have a propensity to feast on the simplest of beats (see Rack City or Raw) it seems like its the only type of beat he can rap on, but so long as he keeps making songs like this I’m alright with it. There’s something endearing about the how straightforward the chorus is. In a world where everything is spring loaded and has double meanings, an enigma wrapped in a conundrum sometimes it’s nice to hear just that “All my shit dope,” simple, unmistakable and damn catchy.

Gucci is a Trap Gawd

Artist: Gucci Mane
Album: Trap God 2
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Release: February 2013
Download: http://www.datpiff.com/Gucci-Mane-Trap-God-2-mixtape.453652.html
Best Line: “Tote my pistol anywhere…go to war with a grizzly bear”

Must cop album for anyone who loves rap.

Gucci seems to have finally awakened from his hibernation, or he’s at least as awake as Gucci can be.The first Trap God mixtape was a torpid, lethargic swim through a bottle of Nyquil. It was equivalent to butt bonging sleepy time tea.

Gucci seems revitalized in Trap God 2 a true steadfast renaissance for Gucci mixtapes. The beats are expansive, all over the spectrum and succeed in keeping the delivery fresh and perhaps dually function to keep Gucci from falling asleep mid-verse. As for the rhymes/delivery most of them sound like Gucci was filling in the madlib portion of a highlights magazine with a dull number 2 pencil in a dentist office. Mush mouthed and stuffy nosed. Recorded perhaps on another planet.That is the embodiment of Gucci however, and the oddity/abnormality driving the rhymes and delivery is what has captivated us for so many years. And Gucci is absolutely turnt up on this album, he’s as focused and and vigilant as ever.

This can be plainly seen in the best track on the album “Bullet Wound” in which Gucci’s lyrics include but are not limited to: Going to war with packs of Grizzly Bears, diamonds like starbursts and doing combinations of zannies, lean and coke (in no particular order)

There are plenty of hilarious moments in the mixtape as well, including a song called Break Dance. You would assume is about people practicing the more traditional definition of street dancing. Instead this is apparently a unique celebratory dance that Gucci has created whilst breaking down bricks of cocaine.

My imagination is spinning on what this could entail I assume part of it is revving a fake motorcycle. I’ve always held a weird reverence for Gucci, just how uncanny the man actually is. Either way I will be eagerly anticipating the next edition of Trap God. Enjoy one more song from this beauty and then immediately download.

Casey Veggies

Title: Life Changes
Artist: Casey Veggies
Album: Life Changes
Rating: 4.5/5.0

This song is retreated and introverted, to be enjoyed while staring hollowly and vacantly out of the El window as biting, benumbed monolithic skyscrapers languidly pass. (probably battling the weekend’s excess) There’s a certain echoing and emptiness to the beat and the voice manipulation… Surprisingly enough it could also be thoroughly enjoyed to while dominating FBO’s (frost brewed originals) and playing bags or day drinking and having a home run derby with a freshly bought whiffle ball set from Big Lots (Odd Lots).

Those different faces, contradictions and connections are what makes the song such a profound success, references to Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King accompany a lyric “I just do my dougie on these hos, I be dancing in the rain soaking puddles in my shoes” This song demands to be in the regular rotation on the iPod smooth and dope as hell.

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