Casey Veggies

Title: Life Changes
Artist: Casey Veggies
Album: Life Changes
Rating: 4.5/5.0

This song is retreated and introverted, to be enjoyed while staring hollowly and vacantly out of the El window as biting, benumbed monolithic skyscrapers languidly pass. (probably battling the weekend’s excess) There’s a certain echoing and emptiness to the beat and the voice manipulation… Surprisingly enough it could also be thoroughly enjoyed to while dominating FBO’s (frost brewed originals) and playing bags or day drinking and having a home run derby with a freshly bought whiffle ball set from Big Lots (Odd Lots).

Those different faces, contradictions and connections are what makes the song such a profound success, references to Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King accompany a lyric “I just do my dougie on these hos, I be dancing in the rain soaking puddles in my shoes” This song demands to be in the regular rotation on the iPod smooth and dope as hell.

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One thought on “Casey Veggies

  1. Not sure what it takes to get a 4.5 on your scale but this is at least that. I’d honestly put it at 4.7. I can see myself participating in several different types of activities with this song on and all of them are positive.

    Note: This is the first song I listened to twice on your blog…take that for what’s worth


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