One Tie All Tie

Flocka is Angry…but we already knew that

Artist: Waka Flocka Flame
Album: Duflocka Rant 2
Rating: 3.7/5.0
Release: February 2013

Waka is infinitely angry and loud. He’s more furious than Liam Neeson after his family get’s taken for a second time, and his voice is just as gravely. It sounds like a mixture of  Neeson, Nick Nolte and Michael Madsen AFTER they got done chugging cacti full of cigarette butts. It sounds like he did the mixtape in one take because the more gall, fury and volume he discharges the more strained his voice sounds as the mixtape progresses. Overall the mixtape serves it’s purpose, and that is to hurl you into a disorienting frenzy in whatever situation you are in. I listened to it on the way to work and was so tense and agitated that I barely noticed myself completely mutilating my keyboard with every stroke of the finger. This is a great album to chug red bull vodkas and furiously puff lasers to if that’s your thing. There are actually some really complex beats in it though and some of the songs are more approachable than others. For instance Real Recognize Real with a beautifully crafted beat by Lex Luger:
The rhymes are a far shot from intelligent, it’s obvious that Waka Flaka is the polar opposite of the lead singer of the Decemberists (“Put your dick in the dirt, watch yo mama cry”) and it works for him. Who needs intelligence when you have boundless energy and menacing beats…not to mention TONS of gun fire samples. You know what your getting into with this album but if you like Waka you like him and you embrace his shortcomings and are mesmerized by his energy.