One Tie All Tie

Dream Pop

Artist: Deniro Farrar
Album: The Patriarch
Rating: 4.0/5.0
Release: March 2013

I reviewed the BSBD and Deniro Farrar collaboration mixtape last week; coincidentally Farrar released “The Patriarch” this week.

The album gets three stars alone for the album art, a thoroughly disgruntled gold plated Darth Vader dressed in Pope Garments. His annoyance probably stems from reigning exclusively over the Catholic Church as opposed wreaking havoc on an entire universe. Also the fact that he is relegated to the pope mobile rather than his preferred kitted out  TIE-fighter (with the frog eyes).


The 13 different producers create a jagged and fleeting feel to the album, the variability in both beats and rhymes eliminates any opportunity for staleness to set in. There are some beats that Vader himself probably trained the varying Sith Lords to (though likely General Grievous preferred to train in silence), while others sound like the bedroom dream pop movement that has been steadily gaining popularity. Even those songs have a certain murkiness to them however, they are shrouded, highly introverted and reflective.  Again Farrar’s ability to meld remorse, with anger, with longing shines through and dissolves into the beats perfectly.

I would imagine something like this is the only thing that plays when Goku is training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, or perhaps the final bit of inspiration he needed before he ascended further than any Saiyan. I will take this over any heavy metal to work out to any day of the week. It is focused and poignant.  Word to the weary, with diversity of producers on this album it is not the easiest to digest, but if you appreciate great production and a unique rapping talent you should absolutely cop this.