Rockie Fresh Has Arrived

Artist: Rockie Fresh
Album: The Birthday Tape
Rating: 4.4/5.0
Free Download:

Rockie Fresh is currently batting .1000 on mixtapes. Colossal, hulking Mark McGuire type home runs just crushing meatballs over the plate all the way to Jupiter. One release after another infecting your iPhone for weeks at a time as each song racks up more and more plays. This mixtape does some serious dabbling, ranging from the title track with its enormous orchestral sample to the more subdued lo-fi sounding “Life Round Here.

At this point it seems completely inevitable that Rockie (though already extremely popular) is poised to infiltrate the more than just the mixtape culture but rather something grander. It’s something special to see, such immense talent gain recognition for consistently putting out incredible and cost-free mixtapes. The only flaw in The Birthday Tape is it’s brevity, but who can complain when it’s a free mixtape packed with gems. It would be like complaining about getting skimped on chicken on free Chipotle day.

One thought on “Rockie Fresh Has Arrived

  1. Think this one may need a little bump in its ranking…we all know the Author hates mainstream but this deserves at least a 4.6 #nitpicking

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