One Tie All Tie


Song: Potency
Album: N/A
Rating: 4.6/5.0
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Potency must have been composed with a quill drenched in lean, spilling and disgorging the hazy lyrics and beat all over a parchment obscured by weed smoke. There’s a delicate equation at the root of the song, “Smoking kush, selling kush, gettin money gettin high at the same time” I say delicate because the manipulation of either variable (no matter how slight) and your either smoking too much kush thus becoming way to high and going broke. Or conversely selling all of your kush rendering you perpetually sober. I’m glad they live in such a happy circumstance, achieving both.

I first listened to this while working out and could have sworn a pear shaped man frantic to get his body beach ready was getting blunted on an elliptical machine. The cloudy bass heavy beat couldn’t be more agreeable with the verses being spit, each rapper easily weaving in and out of the drunkening sounds. Can’t wait for an album to drop.