One Tie All Tie

Breaking Bad Finale

(Written in one stream of consciousness)

It’s uncertain what feeling lay dormant inside…quietly waiting to be awakened by the final episode of Breaking Bad. You would expect it would land somewhere on the normal spectrum of human emotions…perhaps confusion or anger or closure. However maybe something more dense; an indigestible sentiment that remained unscathed over the years, an unapproachable impression that lie outside the realm of ordinary understanding. (tear inducing happiness or sadness so intense it has no physical manifestation)

It was uncanny having the regularity of one hour every Sunday for the past 5 years stripped away. An appropriate funeral for the Sunday ritual that we celebrated either alone or with friends. This regularity, like all reoccurring things in our lives, brings comfort. It’s removal is a source for unparalleled anticipation and vulnerability.

The profundity of a series finale isn’t based exclusively on content; it also propels an inevitable reflection on personal accomplishments or milestones achieved during your relationship with the show. Specifically the reckless forward motion of time, it’s ruthlessness and unwavering speed in which the past 5 years really only seemed like a few hours. There’s a certain insignificance felt in some finales.

I assumed I would certainly entertain this common deliberation during the finale but for some reason it wasn’t there. The satisfaction was present but it was a different type. It created a more instinctive satisfaction, a state of unthinking that’s experienced at the end of an action movie when you know everything is going to turn out alright. Or as good as it can possibly turn out.

I appreciated this in a way; it certainly satisfied my primal urge as a human, the part where what we anticipate is realized and like very few parts in our lives we’re not left wondering. I guess in this particular case I would have preferred something else. The show got to the point where it was impossible to write a worthy finale. It grew to great. For something that spiraled out of everything ordinary the finale seemed rather normal. I wonder if I’ll revisit the show, or it will fade into the indistinguishable past.