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Mackned: Alice Gla$$

Artist: Mackned 
Album: Alice Gla$$
Rating: 4.7/5.0

The deterioration of main stream rap music has been welcomed, crumbling and receding with relative quietness. There will always be those that blindly agree with whatever the blundering, disconnected stooge puts in his top 50 albums of the year in Rolling Stone. (Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail in the top 5 is an abomination) Complacency is key, consuming whatever watered down sediment being served. For the rest of us willing to even scratch the surface of the seedy underbelly of the rap underworld…the treasures and rarities are immense and endless.

Digging deep into the dark, sulfurous and belching mine of rap albums, a vein of lustrous, unblemished gold is unearthed, Alice Gla$$. The cover art alone is enough to fascinate, and beckon the listener deeper into the unknown. In this case a mysterious pool of all encompassing sound. Each song urges the listener to wade further and further out. Making the comfortable shore line less visible. Most sound like something Dr. Frankenstein indulged in, in the more heightened moments of enlightenment during the creation of his monster. Or Dr. Gero tinkering away at his coveted androids. Sounds that could exist in a laboratory abandoned several years ago. Unknown remnants glued on thousands of broken testing tubes trembling on the floor. A faint green glow of a desktop computer that has been on for a decade. The beats and verses are unfamiliar, rich, and uncanny. Sprawling with a digestible tension. The beat remains at its best when it cuts out to acapella for a poignantly delivered punchline.

Alice Gla$$ is the Venice Beach of lyricism. Something for everyone willing to embrace the grime, a wormhole of weird.  A verbal onslaught covering every topic anyone could possibly dream of. Harry Potter, poverty, Dragon Ball Z, pharmaceuticals, money, life, lean, death, religion, Sailor Moon are all addressed. Super Saiyan focus on every track. Carving through beats like a perpetual Super Spirit Bomb. Alice Gla$$ could mess around and get rap album of the year.

Best Track: