One Tie All Tie

Astro King Phoenix

Artist: Astro King Phoenix
Album: Cries from 2025
Song: Wolf Like Me Intro
Rating: 4.6/5.0

A cloud trembles in the sky bordering on transparency, desperately longing to obtain its form. Thread by thread it is pulled apart by the sweeping autumn wind. The scent of the looming winter lingers in the air. Shards of moon light now emerge through the intricate carvings in the cloud. Another icy gust and an unnaturally bright, unobstructed view of a milky yellow and white sphere appear. Leaves rustle. Several long and pained and concentrated howls sound from within a thick, impenetrably dark forest. A group of shadows can barely be seen. Wolf Like Me Intro is blaring from a long since abandoned cabin in the middle of all of this. There’s no visible door, and the windows appear hopelessly shattered.

The sound is shredding through the worn lumber like the transforming creatures through flesh  howling in the woods. This isn’t the only similarity between the two. The creatures. The verses and beat are hungry, fast and uncompromising. Vicious. Eager to find their next victim. The sound is more haunting than the echoes of distant snarling and snapping, of broken twigs and grinding teeth. Delivery sharper than a glistening claw in the moonlight. There is a certain momentum to the song, to the mixtape as a whole, as Astro King Phoenix and Mackned send the listener on an unending climb into the unknown.