One Tie All Tie

Cassette Deck

Artist: Corner Boy P
Album: Don P
Song: Cassette Deck
Rating: 4.7/5.0

Cassette Deck is pretty straight forward, if you don’t have suicide doors on absolutely everything you own you’re probably a coward or a snitch, sleep is the new broke, and the dream is free the hustle is not. All hail the eternal grind. Very few songs can concurrently make me want to tie one on and piss in a gold plated shark tank bar (with exotic fish the guy at the pet store recommended not go in the same tank) and develop a scheme to get the city under my thumb. Cassette Deck is a rare breed. Plotting, conspiring, grandiose. It’s that wad of stinkys in your pocket transforming into hundreds. It’s the Al Capone  cigarillo smoke pluming from the moon roof on a ghost stretch H3 and it absolutely knocks.