Kameleonz Bali Review


There are certain moments when eyes aren’t meant to be seen. They beg for the friendly confines of obscurity. After a grueling day crushing tall boys at a festival, your eyes demand some type of obstruction. Something to keep both the sun and the judging eyes of others at a safe distance. Something to level the playing field, to obliterate any assumptions. Enter the Kameleonz Bali sunglasses.

Anyone trying to get a read on your level of intoxication will be sorely disappointed. All they can see a reflection of themselves in what appears to be the liquid that Alex Mack turned into on Nickelodeon.  I think the lenses use the same cloaking technology as Predator did. You’ll feel like an American Gladiator from the future or an aggressively oiled Macho Man Randy Savage gliding through air off of the top turnbuckle. All while comfortably concealed under the neon oil embrace of the Bali lenses.

The lenses are as hypnotizing as 1,000 Jigglypuffs singing in unison and the frames are light and comfortable as though they are made of tightly woven, carefully extracted locks from the back of Jean Claude Van Damme’s mullet.

Damn solid shades hit them up and use the promo code TIE for 15% off any sunglasses:



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