Artist: Ludacris
Album: #IDGAF
Rating: 2.0/5.0

After I discovered Ludacris was playing a show at local comically and fiercely corny beach themed bar “Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort” I assumed his career had taken a slow and steady nose dive. Though I’m not a rapper I assume you’re probably taking a long hard look at your life when your feet are sunk deep in urine soaked fake sand, and your surrounded by bouys and posters that say “TRESSPASSERS WILL BE offered A SHOT!” (No offense to the usual cover bands that perform there, nothing like hearing a P!NK cover being played a +40 year old Vietnamese bass player)  


Luda hasn’t released anything passable since he started shamelessly and remorselessly pimping possible marginally better than average  Conjure Cognac. He’s become consumed by it. Past mixtapes have involved him barking at listeners to buy. It sounded like an American Freight Furniture commercial.

Luckily hes strayed away from that angle in his newest mixtape, but its still light years away from the old Luda.  #IDGAF is ripe with mediocrity, it’s the dull number 2 pencil you used to take standardized tests. Nothing awful but absolutely nothing noticeable either. A gentlemen’s C.

Spoiler Alert: Excessive Use of Auto-tune and absence of good punchlines highly prevalent.  I would say the song featuring Mac Miller is probably the best on the album, but if you can avoid it absolutely do so.

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