One Tie All Tie


The swirling grey, elephant skin sky drowning the city in a wintry abyss seemed less concentrated. Veins of sunshine made it appear a finished puzzle, the freshly compressed corners were satisfying. What was driving this? Was there actual warmth to follow? I stared wholly into the reflection on my phone confused albeit delighted. A gust of paralyzing wind sent me retreating further into the depths of my coat. Recoiling and finding brief sanctuary in the intricate threads of the fabric. I clicked the top button to check the time and saw something that wasn’t there before.

A photograph of pure nonchalance. Strangely enough on an airplane which is usually synonymous with despair. I could see the wrinkles and booze stains even through the glossy phone screen. I could smell the cigarettes. It appeared a simpler time, or perhaps just one that gave less of a shit. Free from the confines of relentless broadcasting and sensory overload.  I remembered that it was the album art of an instrumental album I had downloaded the previous night, Jetlag.

3-6-2015 1-16-04 PM

Jetlag is a versatile instrumental from everywhere and nowhere. It features artists from around the globe though there’s no real way to tell where anyone is from, that is without the guidance of the track list. A testament to how much musical expression differs from verbal or even visual, completely void of any preconceptions. A vacuum of beautiful sound. It’s a strange phenomenon in which each producer unveils their sonic personality while also surrendering themselves to whatever it is Jetlag is.I’m still uncertain what it is. As far as I can tell it is an uncommonly malleable organism that can inexplicably be played both zoning out at work and stoking charcoals at a barbecue with friends you’ve known since third grade. It is the gust of warm air on a cold day and the gust of cold air on a warm bus. Both contrasting sensations, both completely necessary.
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