One Tie All Tie

Pretty cool, this guy’s personality is a yeti cooler

Chicago, IL – Luxury coolers like Yeti function as a philosophical shaman for the super interesting, totally unique hordes of guys who are unable to wipe their own ass but love a frosty brew on a hot summer day. They seek guidance from the inanimate object much like a normal person would a mentor and rely on the dull exterior of the cooler to replace their slightly duller personality…but in a really rad way that makes every chick want their junk.

Being a luxury cooler hobbyist isn’t about just owning a cooler, it’s about becoming a cooler. Wearing a hat that tells people you are in fact a cooler. Circling virtually all conversations back to memories with a cooler. And of course banging a cooler.

So take a look at that cool cooler guy. Imagine if you had the money to buy yourself a personality equivalent to an lifeless object tasked with keeping drinks cold. Then you would be cool too.