Title: Colossal
Artist: Yung Macnificent
Album: From Woods to Fame
Rating: 3.5/5

Be prepared…this song is an unrelenting banger, as is most of the mixtape. (I would check out Das All and Live for the Moment and a plethora of others) The name of the song is no coincidence is huge hooks, huge rhymes and a literal and figurative colossal sample.

This is clearly the song that The Nerdlucks and their their nefarious boss, Mister Swackhammer listened to in the space craft from Moron Mountain to earth right before their legendary battle with the TuneSquad. It’s not groundbreaking, frankly it’s not even that creative but it’s brassy, bold and loud and that counts for something, sometimes there’s no need to over complicate things but rather destroy your ear drums with a good ole fashion banger.


Listen Now:

Download Mixtape:

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