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YG is Bratty

Title: I’m 4rm Bompton
Artist: YG
Album:Just Re’d Up 2
Rating: 3.5/5.0

YG seems really irritated in this song, incredibly peevish and uncomfortable. There are actually times in the song where it sounds like he is about to start weeping, barely able to hold a verse together before spiraling into a full out temper tantrum.  The illustrious whiny rapper career is a complete conundrum to me, straddling the hazy and blurred line between delicate craven cowardice and absolute credible, reliable thug.


It’s really tough to execute and YG does it masterfully, constantly being on the verge of tears but somehow still terrifying/angry is something I could never quiet wrap my head around (though had a brief stint with it in college.) I would imagine this is exactly what Paul Pierce always talks like, or perhaps a young James Vanderbeek. The beat of this song is riddled with that vintage club beat that seemed really popular in 2004. (think Mystikal and Lil Jon) YG seems to really know what he loves and hates in life and that is not snitching, buying choppers and not attending funerals because he hates coffins. Some of his rhymes don’t really make a lick of sense, but he says them with such poignant urgency they somehow work. Plain and simple an incredibly song to listen to and subsequently mean mug to.

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