One Tie All Tie

Absolute Summer

Artist: Kool & Kass
Album: Peaceful Solutions
Rating: 5/5

The CTA has caused me immense white hot blinding rage over the past few days. At one point I was stuck on a shuttle bus grid-locked in a complete log jam and the CTA driver virtually held me hostage in that urine soaked, chicken bone encrusted hunk of teeming tin. The absolute only thing that prevented me from taking things into my own hands with a sock full of quarters was the Kool & Kass mixtape Peaceful Solutions.

Unremittingly smooth. Ruthlessly chill. An absolutely perfect mixtape for summer. It should be playing on every rooftop and every patio in Chicago. The perfect remedy to blast off the heinous stink of the Chicago winter. It beckons you to sit in the Chicago sun sipping large format saisons and not budging an inch for hours. Wordplay is outstanding and the variation in the duo combined with the plethora of producers makes for a very distinct yet oddly consistent sound.

Most diffusing and favorite song on the album Pleasance: