Song: Valley of Kings
Album: Celestial
Artists: Blue Sky Black Death, SAS, Camron, P.A.P.I. ( N.O.R.E.)
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Download: http://bsbd.bandcamp.com/releases

The most versatile producing duo in the game has done it again. They’ve created a brooding, ominous petri dish of noise that allows any rapper to grow and evolve within its sullen yet frenzied grasp. It’s odd to highlight the production this much, but the beats Blue Sky Black Death and SAS are creating are unmistakable a complete and utter ode to the dark, a signature signed with a shadow.

Camron and P.A.P.I. are right at home here, delivering  contemptuous snarling rhymes and a hook that’s more like an anthem.  An impressive feat when a song captures the signature styles of both rappers and producers,  when two entities are somehow melded into one organism.  This was the perfect leak to truly unveil what this collaboration looks like, as the excitement grows for the full release.


One thought on “VoK

  1. First off it needs to be stated that the level of blog content has slowly risen with each successive blog.. Kudos sir. The song itself feels like a softer version of Bone Thugz beats with a constant beat to rap over followed by the occasional spike in tempo. Also appreciate a mix tape with some audible words and some small signs of effort in the lyrics.

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