One Tie All Tie

Childish Gambino Blows

Artist: Childish Gambino
Album: Renaissance Man
Rating: 1.0/5.0

Childish Gambino is essentially a bargain bin Kanye…something you would find in a bin at Big Lots (Odd Lots) with knock-off Kindles and straight to DVD movies with Eugene Levy cameos. His voice identical, his delivery identical, but the substance and swag isn’t there. Childish Gambino is the most apocalyptically self-congratulatory rap name ever…it is a goat turd of a rap name. We get it your making a hilarious jab at the apparent absurdity of some rap names out there.  Though,  it’s those larger than life names and corresponding personalities that draw us deeper into the mixtape world, this smarmy and essentially unutterable name is rather polarizing. You would purchase a Childish Gambino album in the same cart with several pairs of well-crafted foakleys.  Or a  pair of fur lined crocs. Or one of those generic Go-Chicago t-shirts you see at Jewel branded exactly like Bulls or Cubs. Just reeking of knock-off.


He seems to perpetuate a lot of unwarranted anger that makes the album a rather regrettable listen. The entire album just sounds like one long gripe. In fact this blog post is starting to sound like his album…The only way I could ever see anyone getting this album is if you were still somehow a member of that ole BMG music scam where you were bullied into ordering 10 albums every week. The idea of “I hope the show gets cancelled, maybe then I can focus,” and later bitching about the 1% are just a few of the enraging contradictions found on the album. It is a complete unsalvageable pile.