One Tie All Tie


Artist: Soopah Eype
Album: What’s Up Sweatpants
Rating: 4.5/5.0

There’s a certain type of voice and flow that seems to disregard whatever beat it is placed on. Often times seemingly off rhythm, forcing words where they shouldn’t be, straddling the confines of the beat itself, testing its patience. It takes a real talent to navigate in this way, its exceedingly difficult, MF Doom is perhaps the largest pioneer of this style, and now Soopah Eype also comes to mind.

What’s Up Sweatpants is an outstanding mixtape, plenty of variety in samples and the complexity of rhyming schemes used keeps the listener deeply focused. There’s also a certain nostalgia invoked. I find myself wanting to play Double Dragon on SNES and spend my allowance on Star Wars figures and X-Men trading cards, and eat Warheads all day.

This mixtape demands play in any circumstance from relief to a banal commute to the blisses of an everlasting NBA 2K round robin, firmly cemented on your favorite over-stuffed.