One Tie All Tie

90’s Thunderstorm

Artist: Pepperboy & Squadda B
Album: Rebel Musik
Rating: 4.7/5.0

I felt as though I was standing…silently nodding and remorsefully staring,  during a fake thunderstorm in the 1995 Bone Thugs Crossroad video. Or any video from the 90’s which for some reason was, judging by the videos, an unseasonably rainy decade. This is one of my favorite past times. It was an admirable feeling, and welcomed. Letting the beautiful production of Keyboard Kid and nonchalant delivery of Peppaboy and Squadda B sweep me away.

The production on the mixtape is innovative and original, a marriage of beats and rhymes that were non existent even 5 years ago.  Blowing seamlessly and careleslly like a tumbleweed propelled by swisher smoke. Pepperboy and Squadda B sound right at home on them. It really is a rarity when you can play an album from start to finish with minimal skips, such as the densely vibrant song produced by Kira below. Do yourself a favor and gladly accept the free download.