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Lean On Me

Artist: Killa Kyleon
Song: Lean On Me
Album: Lean On Me: The Adventures of Joe Clark
Rating: 4.3/5.0
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The original Lean On Me displayed the selflessness of the human heart. The profundity of bonds that are created, sometimes with strangers,  throughout a lifetime. That bond would cause us to support someone unrelentingly, provide comfort in the most dire of times.

Killa Kyleon casually trades this mantra in for one that promotes smoking weed and drinking codeine in a club until you quietly doze off and actually physically require assistance to stir you from your slumber and act as a crutch as attempt to move your concrete limbs. I would imagine this looks something like the cumbersome/crude maneuvering of the decaying corpse of the late Bernie Lomax. I would resent this person greatly, as lugging them around must be an incredible chore.

Leaning seems eerily similar to watching a Queen Latifah filmography with a flock of Snorlaxes and people with mono in a room with a high pollen count. Mind numbing…drowsy, but awesome all the same. I suppose like the original there is something profound about it.  As going comatose in a club full of strangers is the ultimate trial in trust. This will be used as an alternate to the Trust Fall in business seminars in the future. The simple play on words and overall flow make it really enjoyable.