One Tie All Tie

Goddamnit…Asher Roth

Artist: Asher Roth
Album: The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2
Rating: 0/5.0

I can’t figure out who Asher Roth is making music for. It’s likely the same demographic of people that consume Miller 64 while playing beach volleyball. His most recent album was extra upsetting and threw me in to quite the little snit. It’s rare that something on first glance can cause such immense annoyance but what pie-eyed  hesher was the mastermind behind the absolutely inane looking cartoon below? Every song worse than the one before until it culminates on song 23, the largest toilet clogging/staining protein sinker in the last decade.

Far more annoying than Johnny Depp turning every single character he plays, no matter the genre or era, into a face painted flamboyant pirate that prances around like a deflated scarecrow and EASILY more annoying than the guy tilting his 36 oz Evian bottle and filling it to the brim at the gym water fountain, not a care in the world, including  the withering cotton mouths lined up behind him. Prepare to be incredibly frustrated: