Artist: Dillan Ponders
Album: Overdose
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Download: http://dillanponders.bandcamp.com/album/overdose

The inescapable night terrors after a three day blowout, making the prospect of sleep unobtainable at best. That film that builds on your tongue, making it impossible to swallow the morning following a night of overindulgence. The suspicion you’ve been dieting exclusively on burlap rope. Opening your eyelids draining the last bit of energy you had as you succumb to their weight… falling back into a deep exhausting and unsatisfying sleep. An ominous feeling of uncertainty. Overdose manifests these and offers them for consumption in a basin of emptiness.

This is the album that Kanye and Jay Z attempted to create. This is the sound they wanted and couldn’t have. I guess you don’t need Samsung Galaxy commercials to make an incredible piece of art. Overdose is gorgeously destitute. The production is concurrently minimalist and extravagantly dense. The verses sound as though their being transmitted through a tin can phone from the moon. Or whispered in quiet echos throughout a labyrinth of caves. Oddly vacant yet somehow incredibly personal, creating an addictive uncanny feeling. Just Drive is unearthly.

3 thoughts on “Overdose

  1. This group seems to have figured out exactly what they are and stays within it. The mollasses type beat makes me feel like I’m on a beach and the waves are the lyrics just washing up to the shoreline adding to the song but not soaking me with gibberish lyrics.

    • dillanponders is not a group! he is a one man army.
      the difference between him and everyone else is his authenticity… heard he’s already working on his next body of work. can barely even wait,

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