Artist: Volcano Choir
Album: Repave
Rating: 4.8/5.0

There’s a certain brilliant malaise that is unique to a Monday.  A characteristic that is not necessarily exclusive to Monday’s, however the degree and regularity of that sentiment on that particular day of the week is a phenomenon unlike any other.  All activity in the days prior become irrelevant, though certain circumstances can make it more miserable than usual.  Ineptitude and futility are the primary personality traits examined. There’s a certain elevated awareness, though frustrating…as it functions only to enhance the ability to notice things that annoy. The lingering day dreams are somewhat enjoyable, though also contribute to ultimate ineffectiveness.

It is important to find an asylum on days like these. Repave functions as that. Allowing the slow welcoming piano, guitar strokes and hollow voice to provide shelter. Getting contentedly lost in the calming lyrics seemed to somehow mercifully expedite the passage of time.

An amazing donation of thoughts to nothing in particular.


Artist: Dillan Ponders
Album: Overdose
Rating: 4.7/5.0

The inescapable night terrors after a three day blowout, making the prospect of sleep unobtainable at best. That film that builds on your tongue, making it impossible to swallow the morning following a night of overindulgence. The suspicion you’ve been dieting exclusively on burlap rope. Opening your eyelids draining the last bit of energy you had as you succumb to their weight… falling back into a deep exhausting and unsatisfying sleep. An ominous feeling of uncertainty. Overdose manifests these and offers them for consumption in a basin of emptiness.

This is the album that Kanye and Jay Z attempted to create. This is the sound they wanted and couldn’t have. I guess you don’t need Samsung Galaxy commercials to make an incredible piece of art. Overdose is gorgeously destitute. The production is concurrently minimalist and extravagantly dense. The verses sound as though their being transmitted through a tin can phone from the moon. Or whispered in quiet echos throughout a labyrinth of caves. Oddly vacant yet somehow incredibly personal, creating an addictive uncanny feeling. Just Drive is unearthly.


Artist: Waka Flocka
Song: Whole Wide World
Album: Duflocka Rant: Halftime Show
Rating: 4.4/5.0
Free Download:

When listening to Waka Flocka I’m usually either grinding my teeth into used up crayon stubs or putting my head through a brick wall. You could imagine my surprise when I first heard Whole Wide World. A cheerful sample that didn’t pulverize my eardrums and a completely diffused Waka sounding downright festive.

It would be similar to attending the Titanic remastering and discovering Leo had been replaced by Nick Cage. (“I WANT TO TAKE THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP’S FACE…OFF”). Finding out that Dan Brown had penned Siddhartha, Tyler Perry was the visionary behind Shawshank Redemption, or Chad Kroeger had written Symphony No. 9 in D Minor. A lollipop curve. In the case of Whole Wide World it was a truly pleasant surprise.

The lyrics light heartedly shrug off anyone who has doubted or questions his talent, absent of the usual malice and aggression. The blissful sample is the perfect pairing for the lyrics and delivery. Enjoy and cop.

Winners Circle

Artist: Winners Circle
Song: Runner Up
Album: Winners Circle
Rating: 4.6/5.0

I’m uncertain that the name of an artist and album has been so fully realized in the actual corresponding content.  Runner Up for instance is an exalted ode, maintaining a delicate balance between reminiscing on conquests past while also expressing unbridled hope for future triumphs. The beat (laden with horns), lyrics and delivery all work together to convey that momentary feeling of unthinking. That combination of invinciblity and unbending confidence you feel while looking back on whatever obstruction that lies crippled in your wake. The rest of the mixtape is damn solid as well.

On a more primal level, I would love to indulge in some slow motion , gratuitous burnouts in the below Murcielago while listening. Or catching joy filled and glistening champagne drops on your tongue like snow flakes at Christmas. It also for some reason makes me wonder what it must feel like to drink and eat with a grill in. 


Scrooge McDuck

Song: Money
Album: 5th String Walk On
Artist: Masin Dixin
Rating: 4.3/5.0
Download: N/A

Like Haley’s Comet this mixtape surfaced mysteriously on Datpiff a few weeks ago and then vanished like a bubble guts induced fart in the wind. It left behind a rather memorable odor however, and a lot more palatable then a room clearer.  Hopefully your quest to download proves more fruitful than mine, I attempted to find a sans Trojan download link but was unsuccessful.

This is what is blaring on the speakers in Scrooge McDuck’s  mansion as the sick deviant feverishly flounders around in his pool of coins. It is likely what was playing when 12 year old Preston writes himself a check for 1,000,000 dollars in Blank Check. It’s what Richy Rich’s parents were listening when the plane went down, likely nearing pass out drunk from Dom P.

Masin Dixin absolutely, unconditionally loves money, he cherishes it above all else. For instance the line “Money make me horny, wake up with a boner, tell the bitch never mind put that money on me” The song’s larger than life beat (that reminds me of a 2006 Lil Scrappy or E40) and the lyrics have plenty of great excessively hoarding/spending money punch lines.  Nothing too clever about it just a good ole fashion song about someone putting the acquisition of wealth above all else.


Oldie But A Goodie

Artist: Nacho Picasso
Album: Lord of the Fly
Rating: 5.0/5.0
Release: January 2012
Best Line: “I’m like the Statue of David…except I’m more endowed”

Raw,visceral, sordid, grimy. Lord of the Fly is an album that makes you feel like you’ve been gnawing on a diaper full of cigarette butts yet somehow makes aforementioned experience enjoyable. Don’t be scared of the $7 price tag, the album is absolutely packed to the brim with eerie, haunting beats and rhymes, that isn’t to say this entire album doesn’t beat tho, it could rattle trunks with the best of em. Enjoy my favorite song off of the album “Staring at the Sun” below (article cont’d after video):

It came out in early 2012 but I felt obligated to review it as my first album given that I’ve easily listened to it 25+ times all the way through. This is the type of album I could see Eddie Munster listening to in his turmoil-ridden college years, or that could be played in the Mystery Machine when Scooby and the gang are getting skagged up before a ghost hunt, it’s absolutely menacing and addicting at the same time. This could be played in it’s entirety and be the theme song to a haunted house, or a mob of zombies. The only real con to the entire album is that I’ve noticed it creates involuntary mean mugging, then again who has ever said that’s a bad thing? DO NOT SNOOZE on this rapper/producer combo they will blow up.