One Tie All Tie

Chanel West Coast

Artist: Chanel West Coast
Album: Now You Know
Rating: 0.0/5.0

A television personality with no personality.  A crudely propped up, discount Real Doll with a TalkBoy FX stuffed down its perpetually circular mouth, repeatedly squawking the same mindless commentary in an overblown fabricated and unrealistic thug accent. The wind howling in the empty vacuum positioned between its two ears is more annoying than it should be. The thousand mile stare at nothing in particular suggests its lifelessness.

Sound familiar? It’s  aspiring rapper and Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel West Coast, better known as “that one blonde chick, from that one Rob Dyrdek show”

I would say this album is an embarrassment however that would imply the existence of integrity or perhaps another something else acclaimed. Outrage is a more appropriate assignment.  I admittedly only got two songs into the album,  however I would say the rhymes below warranted its premature dismissal :

“Know my name and they feel me just like a groper”

“I do it for myself, I do it for my crew, we do it like a stealth…cuz you never see my crew”

Crew rhymes with crew. I should have written this review before actually listening to the album, what else was to be expected?  There is always a certain feeling of gratification after an assumption is realized however…so at least something salvageable remains.