One Tie All Tie


Title: Millions
Artist: Pusha T
Album: Wrath of Cain
Rating: 4.7/5.0

This song is Pablo Escobar, Carlito Brigante, Latrell Walker (Exit Wounds), Big Meech type of glorified cocaine rap. It’s MEAN. It’s immediately apparent that Pusha is going to be in am exhaustive frenzy in this song (as he starts out with his patented coke drip YUGH), snarling and ripping his way through calculated and poignant verses overpowering you with every punch line. Every verse is as raw as the bricks Pusha is slinging, each, tearing it’s way into your ear drums like the pebbles up a fiend’s nose. Plain and simple Pusha T loves/loved vending and doing hulking mounds of cocaine, and he makes no attempt to disguise this.

Pusha is boundlessly confident too, you think calling yourself the best rapper alive takes a pair? What about claiming that “This shit cook up hard don’t it, yall gotta beg my pardon on it, but this shit sounds like God don’t it?” Pretty sure comparing yourself to the voice of God (Morgan Freeman) is about as inflated as it gets, and it’s well deserved. The production isn’t necessarily the greatest on this song, but the chorus is there and the verses are too. The only problem is Rick Ross virtually disappears under Pusha T’s superior word play, would love if Malice came back, really the only one that could survive on a track with Pusha Ton. This exalted coke rap is always a pleasure to listen to, sit back and enjoy.

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