One Tie All Tie

Hip$ter $trip Club

Artist: Trinidad James
Album: 10pc. Mild
Song: Hip$ter $trip Club
Rating: 4.7/5.0

It’s impossible to say how long you’ve been here…the absence of a clock, indistinguishable pulsation, and overwhelming amount of sweat pants contribute to the disorientation and vacancy. This isn’t a celebratory strip club run, it’s not in Las Vegas, in fact it’s quite the opposite. This is not a tit ride.

There exists a fascinating dichotomy in strip club clientele, a harmless communal celebration versus the depravity of a solitary sober viewing. Hip$ter $trip Club illustrates the latter in great detail. Trinidad James executes this feeling flawlessly. The smoky, viscous sample coupled with intelligently desperate rhymes and chorus cast the listener deep into the moist shag carpets, the overflowing ash trays, and twelve dollar well drinks.

Staring deep into the rippling drink there exists a moment of clarity, beneath the surface of disintegrating ice cubes. (Hip$ter $trip Club is playing) None of the faces here should look familiar…the gravity of responsibilities outside this existence initiates a descent back to reality… the feeling routinely passes as you settle into the warmth provided by the drink and prepare for your favorite song in the DJ’s tired set list.