One Tie All Tie


Artist: Vado featuring French Montana, Pusha T and Chinx Drugz
Album: Slime Flu 4
Song: Kopy
Rating: 4.8/5.0

“I be whipping hard…till my wrist hurt”

Listening to Kopy effectively transforms your head into blustery snow globe. A whirlwind of yayo magnificently gusted from the nostrils of some of the most vicious rappers in the game. The diversity in sound/delivery from Vado, French Montana, Pusha T and Chinx Drugz makes for a fascinating collaboration. Each creates a uniquely menacing, immersive and oddly educational portrait of the life of a coke dealer. The dependence of clientele. The distorted symbiotic relationship of dealer and fiend. The urgency, precision and inexorable hustle.