One Tie All Tie


Artist: MGMT
Album: MGMT
Rating: 1.0/5.0
Download: Promoting things isn’t indie so they wouldn’t want me to post the download link.

MGMT has always been the absolute awesomest. They’re wiry, they wear thick rimmed glasses and Bill Cosby sweaters, and they really like cats, all of which makes them exceedingly anti-mainstream and unique. Unconditionally different than those who have ironic mustaches, wear argyle socks to match the pants that have a pocket for their U-Lock and demonstrate a disregard for basic human hygiene. There are probably only a handful of these types of free spirited hipsters in the entire WORLD.

Being nerdy is the new bro.

They were the inspiration behind the ingenious and highly spiritual shaman-festival-attire movement. Having their songs featured in Gossip Girl and the new 90210 is the epitome of anti-pop. They’re as indie as indie gets and that is REALLY REALLY COOL. They never play their hits live and also say really cool stuff about their new album…like:

“But at this point in our careers, we can’t write a pop song. If we tried, we’d either get bummed out, or we’d change it enough until it was something that we actually liked.”

One thing must be done to cement a band’s legacy as cooler than everyone else: Take a massive dump in a cloth baby diaper, wrap it in wet hay, sprinkle some Alaskan cod on top, pop it in the microwave with an IceHouse fart for 20 minutes and serve it up as an album to once- loyal fans. In this effort, MGMT has succeeded. Hey, MGMT, congrats…you transcended cool by creating something only you find enjoyable.

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