One Tie All Tie


Artist: Jimmy B
Album: L.O.R.D.S
Song: Screwface ft. Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Rating: 4.7/5.0

I didn’t think summer still existed. It may still not. Screwface is a sliver of hope that suggests otherwise. A slight nudge on the thermometer. It’s probably the spitting, hyperactive synth baptized in a sprawling  baseline. The only appropriate dance is no dance at all.  It might also be the unwavering optimism in the lyric delivery, I despise the word swagger…but this song is brimming with it. It’s insane that two people with such immensely different styles can exist on the same track. Something about it makes me believe there is grass under the snow.

The verses are thoughtful, boastful and insightful.  A narrative that examines the complexity of success. The fickleness of fans. Success somehow simultaneously causing love and hate. Distance and proximity. The old fans that once cherished the music now despise it for the same reason new fans love it. Something remains consistent however, the growing hate is an accomplishment unlike any other.