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Delorean and Until the Ribbon Breaks

Bands: Delorean and Until the Ribbon Breaks
Rating: 10/10
Venue: Lincoln Hall

Chicago knew Delorean and Until the Ribbon Breaks were coming. Or maybe it didn’t…there was an unusual stillness that accompanied the unseasonal warmth. Even the trains moved in relative silence.  The venue was no different we walked in about two songs into the opening act, and promptly ordered two IPA’s, the pint glasses oddly matched the temperature outside. Having never heard Until the Ribbon Breaks (UTRB) expectations were virtually non-existent. They made converts of anyone lucky enough to witness. Working the crowd into a pleasant, albeit moody trance. Combining facets from just about every genre of music imaginable, the rich sound was married with what seemed to be carefully curated videos ranging from Romeo and Juliet to Akira.  “Who do they sound like?” asked my buddy. “No one.” I blankly responded, because they really didn’t. I purchased their vinyl after the show and discussed with them why Mark should be spelled with a k and not a c.

As Delorean took the stage some small smoke plumes started to emerge from the crowd. I had switched to the $3.50 Busch Light 16 oz can. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing better in this world than drinking a cheap beer at a comfortably busy concert in the middle of February. The mild bitterness of a traditional lager. By the first note the crowd was completely consumed, wrapped up in the joyous celebration that was taking place on stage. A band that genuinely loves to perform. No one was dancing at first, not because it wasn’t dancing music, but because the presence was so absorbing. It was a sun drenched delight, each song dissolving worries, cares and negativity to the slightest morsel. Everyone had forgotten it was a Tuesday night in February by the end of the set. The music appeared to have even been a catalyst for an unlikely hookup between a balding unnaturally short male and much taller better looking female. It was that powerful.

Here is a song to enjoy: