One Tie All Tie

Trestman to Bears fans “I want to play a game”

Jigsaw_characterMarc Trestman introduced as head coach of the Chicago Bears


There’s been speculation that Marc Trestman, the head coach of the Chicago Bears, is an apprentice and possible relative of the puppet from the Saw movies known as Jigsaw. Sunday’s blood bath erased all doubt in any skeptic’s mind. This was his masterpiece. This is what a sick demented man spent the better part of the last decade working for. Tinkering and slaving away at his project. Quietly building the confidence in a city that has bought into an immensely talented team. Creating some preseason Super Bowl buzz, and the promise of fixing the one thing that has always been wrong. We should have all seen this coming, he wanted a front row seat to watch the destruction of a city’s spirit. Leaving our spirits tattered and left for dead, watching a team this good fail time and time again. A deranged magnum opus that only a twisted genius could enjoy. Soak it in Trestman, you really got us on this one.