Sad Gucci

Artist: Gucci Mane
Song: Like I Used 2
Album: Trap Back 2
Rating: 4.0/5.0

This song should be the theme song for Cialis. Gucci Mane is perpetually turnt up. He is larger than life both figuratively and literally. This song is somehow different though…its comical yes, but also embodies what appears to be a hint of remorse or some type of repressed sadness.

Though Gucci’s way of expressing the complex emotions associated with a waning and rapidly fading relationship are downright hilarious. If you listen to the chorus both the lyrics and tone embody an undeniable sadness Gucci was feeling for that fleeting moment, it likely passed immediately after the song was recorded and Gucci resumed guzzling lean and getting blunted into numbness.

One thought on “Sad Gucci

  1. LLOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL I think I just wet my pants from this

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