One Tie All Tie

Cougar Town ending is the greatest thing that will happen this year

I couldn’t be more excited to see Cougar Town quietly sink into sitcom irrelevance. I suppose I’m not sure if it’s a sitcom or not. The previews arouse feelings of vast indifference. I guess sometimes I become upset by them, because I can’t wrap my head around how there were 5 seasons prior to this one. Thinking about who the hell watches the show can make me pretty depressed too, so I suppose it’s more of a drama. Either way I’m looking forward to instances of Déjà vu plummeting knowing that I won’t have to say “I wonder who watches this show?” or “Wow that looks like a giant white dog turd.” after every single commercial. Cougar Town is poised to take its rightful place in the DVD bin at a deserted Best Buy, buried underneath season 4 of Mad About You and a Eugene Levy straight to DVD release.