One Tie All Tie

Bear Grylls in hot water after beheading herd of endangered monkeys for new interactive Netflix show

Hollywood, CA – Bear Grylls new, totally unscripted and not at all predictable interactive Netflix show played out as you would imagine. With viewers given two options for a variety of survival scenarios, with the dormant fantasy of Bear Grylls going extinct driving the selections. But one decision left viewers stunned.

As users smashed the unresponsive left or right button in order to make Bear wipe his ass with poison ivy or water board himself after eating a leaf diaper full of jaguar poop, a decision in Episode 3 far surpassed the basic entertainment of forcing someone else to suffer.

As Bear finished another tired monologue, the familiar decision box appeared on the screen in regards to Bear acquiring sustenance for the night. The options were as follows:

Left-Eat several protein rich ants and wash them down with stream water
Right-Capture and suffocate pack of endangered monkeys, saw off their heads and use them as an ancient prayer ritual to summon a can of Monster Energy

Left with no choice but to select the latter, viewers watched as Bear worked up a sweat ending the legacy of another species, while explaining the importance of survival of the fittest.